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Listography Week 5: Trippin’

So I’m a little bit behind, but I skipped week 4 for two good reasons.  A)–I was busy last week; 2)–I didn’t love the topic, which was “list leaders who inspire you.”  Call me cynical, but there aren’t many leaders who inspire me.  I think that most leaders have a tendency to abuse their power and protect it at all costs, and that makes me wary.

That’s why I was much more excited to think about this week’s far cheerier topic: list the places you’d like to visit!

To set the mood, please enjoy this marvelous song as you read…

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Listography Week 3: What the What?

Today’s list was hard, because I have so many of the items in question:

Things that are beyond your grasp of understanding.

Still, I managed to narrow it down.  Here they my top picks…

1. Calvinism. I’ve read a couple books on Calvinism, and each time I’m left scratching my head.  Five-point Calvinism states that (1) because of humankind’s inherent depravity, we can do nothing to contribute to our own salvation.  Therefore, (2) God chooses whom He will save, not based on merit or faith, but on pure grace.  (3) Jesus’ atonement is limited to those whom He has chosen to save, (4) the chosen are powerless to resist Him, and (5) none of them will ever fall.  (If you fall from grace, all it means is that you were never really chosen to begin with.)

It’s not that I can’t comprehend the theology itself — in fact, it’s probably the most internally consistent theological position in Christianty. And though the finer points of the philosophy (such as compatibilist free will [as opposed to libertarian free will]) give me a headache, I understand the basic concepts. What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to believe this way.  It makes God seem like such a meanie — totally unappealing!  Then again, if you’re a Calvinist you know I have no other choice but to say that, because God wills it so.

2. Why 0.999…  = 1. So I get that this is true.  The video below shows how.  It still blows my mind.

3. The idea that there is no beginning. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of a future eternity is no mental picnic, but it’s way easier than trying to figure out how it’s possible that something (like God) has always existed.  Ouch.

4. People who actually like Paris Hilton. Who can understand this nonsense?  Anyone?  Anyone?

5. People who DON’T like Battlestar Galactica. I don’t care if this reveals my inner nerd to unprecedented levels.  The 2003-2009 series consists of some of the finest television I have ever seen.  Wonderful, complex characters (especially the women!); compelling mystery; great acting and writing; exciting action; intriguing romance; hard-hitting social and religious commentary.  Plus, a wonderful new substitute swear word.  How could you NOT love it?

There are dozens more things I can’t possibly comprehend, but that’s on the top of my list today.  How about you?

(In case you’re interested, here are the technical terms of the Calvinist concepts summarized above: (1) total depravity; (2) unconditional election; (3) limited atonement; (4) irresistible grace; (5) perseverance of the Saints.)

Listography Week 2 — Literary Tearjerkers

Welcome to yet another listography post — and today’s prompt is SO much fun:

Books that Made You Cry

Right? Super exciting.

Without further ado…

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Listography Week 1 — New Year’s Resolutions

I rang in 2011 with one of my very dear friends, Amy.  We’re both big book nerds, so while we were in between social engagements on New Year’s Day (it turns out we are quite popular), we decided to kill some time in Barnes and Noble.

That’s when Amy discovered this:

Listography 2011 Weekly Calendar: Your Year in Lists

It was a dream come true.

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