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Some Thoughts on the Psalm of Nephi

In Sunday School this week, we’re studying the Psalm of Nephi (2 Nephi 4:17-35).

I LOVE the Psalm of Nephi. It’s one of my favorite passages in the Book of Mormon. It reminds me of how trustworthy and merciful God is, and how frail I am without Him.  But I haven’t always felt this way.  For a time, it was a baffling bit of scripture.  I struggled to fit it into a worldview that left little room for mistakes.

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Wondering About Worship

I came to a startling conclusion today: I have no idea what it means to worship God.

So I did what any rational person in my situation would do.

I Googled it.

I came across all kinds of images of people raising their hands, singing praises to the Most High.  I thought, “I’ve never raised my hands.  I’ve never sung His praises.”worship1I saw pictures of people deep in prayer.  I thought, “The only time I’ve ever engaged God deeply in prayer is when I want something.”

I saw people smiling and laughing and kneeling and shouting–publicly–and I tried to imagine myself in their place.

I’ll admit it.  Even the thought of it made me a little embarrassed.

And now I’m stuck wondering why.

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