About Standing, Sitting, Lying Down

Standing, Sitting, Lying Down is the personal blog of Katie L., wife, mother, believer, writer, reader, and lover of good food and bad movies.  The purpose of this blog is to discuss, explore, ask questions, occasionally vent, and have a good ol’ time.  I frequently discuss faith, though I’m always a sucker for a good conversation about movies, music, and books.

Why Standing, Sitting, Lying Down?

I came up with the name because it’s a comedy improv game, and I used to perform in comedy improv troupes in college.  Plus, I thought it sounded kind of artsy-fartsy, which appealed to me on a late, late night many years ago.

  1. Were you in the Garrens?

  2. Rob, the Garrens is an improv comedy troupe in Provo, right? (Yes, I can Google.)

    No, I was at Utah State. We had a couple of troupes, one was called the Improv-uh-bles, and the other…I can’t remember the name. My cousin Dave and this other guy Ricky were kind of in charge of it. We usually packed the houses with both groups, though, which was always fun. 🙂

  3. Oh, silly me! I thought you went to the Y. You are welcome to hurt me now.

  4. Katie L. ,

    I recently read this comment from you over at ldstalk:

    “It’s not an internet vs. chapel thing. It’s a personality thing. Some people need the solid boundaries, the black-and-white perspective. They cannot function in a world of grey. Other people are more comfortable there, naturally aware of the contours and shadows, and don’t mind them. There is nothing wrong with either perspective. I don’t believe I’m superior to my more dogmatic counterparts simply because I have a personality that needs a nuanced worldview and they don’t.

    Still, is it really a surprise that you find more people like me engaged in nuanced theological discussions than people who aren’t willing or able to see shades of gray?

    This whole idea that the “average Mormon” believes X, Y, or Z is nonsense. All kinds of Mormons believe all kinds of things. For the most part, we peacefully coexist — well, at least mostly-peacefully — and muddle through things together as best we can.”

    Let me say that it really resonated with me. Also, I sometimes post stuff over at nine-moons.com and was hoping I could get your permission to maybe use your comment in a future post. Let me know what you think via email – if you don’t mind.

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