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On Elder Oaks’s Recent Gay Marriage Talk


I just finished reading Elder Oaks’s talk on religious freedom and the gay marriage issue.

A few thoughts…

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Marie Osmond Comes Out…in Favor of Gay Marriage

marieSo it’s not like I read Perez Hilton (ahem, ahem), but apparently Marie Osmond has come out…in favor of gay marriage.

Her daughter Jessica is a lesbian, and in an interview with KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles, Marie talked about the need for civil rights for everyone.

I have to say…I’m proud of her.  I’ve always liked to make fun of Marie–ever since that horrendous doll dance on Dancing with the Stars (okay, that’s a lie; I made fun of her long before that)–but you know what?  It takes guts to be Marie Osmond.   God bless her for that.

As for me?  My political views compel me to require that all people be treated equally under the law…even when they’re doing things I don’t agree with (as long as their actions don’t infringe upon the rights of people around them).  My religious views compel me to treat everyone with love and kindness…even when they’re doing things I don’t agree with (just as I would hope others would show compassion toward me).

Gay marriage is a messy topic, but I generally agree with Marie’s assessment that in a free society, the same civil rights must be afforded to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation–whether that means civil unions, marriage, or whatever.