What I’m Thankful For: The Little Things

When it comes to all the little things that make life beautiful, I’m thankful for…

  1. The way clothes smell when you pull them out of the dryer
  2. Sneezing
  3. Impromptu dance parties with my 3-year-old daughter
  4. Hot showers
  5. Authentic Mexican food
  6. Removing the shrink wrap from a new DVD
  7. Comfortable silence
  8. Buzzing my husband’s hair
  9. The Old Eurpoean in Pullman, WA
  10. The scratchy sound that vinyl records make
  11. Going to the theatre
  12. Girl’s nights
  13. Invoicing a client and getting paid immediately
  14. Jack-in-the-Box chocolate shakes
  15. Laughing so hard you cry
  16. Getting packages delivered to your front door
  17. Inside jokes
  18. Scottish brogues
  19. Reading something so beautiful your breath catches in your throat
  20. Watching high school kids flirt
  21. Compelling conversations that keep your mind buzzing for hours
  22. Getting to third base
  23. Hand-knitted beanies
  24. Finding $5 in your coat pocket
  25. Fresh-baked bread
  26. New socks
  27. Converse Chuck Taylors
  28. Grooveshark
  29. Playing basketball in the church gym
  30. Carrying on three instant messaging conversations at once
  31. Speaking Bulgarian to actual Bulgarians
  32. When the Jazz win
  33. Doing something you know you probably shouldn’t but getting away with it anyway
  34. Making people laugh
  35. The first time you have a great conversation with a new friend
  36. The Sermon on the Mount
  37. Artichoke dip
  38. Text messages
  39. Running on a crisp autumn evening
  40. Improving a small business owner’s response to their website just by stringing a few words together
  41. A Bountiful Christmas
  42. When you have to pee for hours and you finally get to
  43. DVR
  44. Magic 8 Balls
  45. A well-placed swear word
  46. The Facebook “like” button
  47. Scott Avett
  48. The Logan Temple
  49. Arguing with my family about politics
  50. Checking things off your to-do list

How about you?  I’d love to hear about the little things that mean something in your life.  List a few in the comments below, or blog about it and leave a link here!  🙂

This post is one in a series.  Get the rest of the posts here.

About Katie L

A doubter by nature, a believer by grace.

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  1. I’m thankful for that warm, tingly feeling of euphoria, when you finally get to sit or lie down shortly after a workout.

  2. Watching a kid have an ah-ha! moment.

    Singing in the car.

  3. Tony, I LOVE THAT TOO!!!

    Katy, Awesome. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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