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Mo or No?: Ryan Ramirez

All season long, I’ve assumed that Ryan Ramirez on So You Think You Can Dance is Mormon.  Then I realized I hadn’t really analyzed my reasons for my assumption. So I thought I’d post about it and then throw it out there — Ryan: Mo or No?  What say you?

Evidences in favor…

  • She just kind of seems like one.
  • Her mom is always wearing Mormony outfits.
  • She admitted last week on the show that she’s never been in love.  Not that Mormons don’t fall in love, but who is a devout young Mormon woman going to fall in love with when she’s spent the past 3-5 years in LA’s professional dance scene?
  • Sometimes she has kind of a vague smile on her face.  I’ve noticed that we Mormons smile vaguely from time to time when we’re uncomfortable but aren’t quite sure how to handle a given situation in a nice way.
  • She’s a big-time overachiever: she graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA.  Mormons are known for over-achieving.
  • She didn’t get her driver’s license until she was 18 or 19.  This isn’t necessarily a real reason, but I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 18, and I’m a Mormon, so she must be too, right?  😉

My Mo Rating: 72%.

How about you?  Enter your percentage in the comments below.  In the meantime, I will search around the internet for the answer!

UPDATE: I believe I have uncovered the answer, thanks to a fairly diligent bit of Facebook stalking.  Check here when you’re ready.

ABOUT MO OR NO?: I play Mo or No? all the time with my husband and a couple of friends.  Whenever we pass a candidate in the street or at the store, we give each other a percentage based on a cursory glance–and then search for additional evidences (such as capped sleeves, long shorts, CTR rings, extra undershirts, etc.) to verify our hunch.  Online, the game works the same.   Enjoy!