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Mo or No?: Russell Brunson

It’s with tremendous joy that I bring you my first ever Mo or No? post.  I’ve had this idea for months, but until yesterday, had not found a viable candidate!

Here’s how it works: I stumble across someone in the media, online, or in pop culture who strikes me as particularly Mormon.  I post a picture and some information.  Then we all get to give a percentage of just how Mo we think s/he is!  Sound like fun?  You betcha!

russellbrunsonToday’s Contestant:
Russell Brunson

I received a solicitation from sales guru Brian Tracy in my inbox the other day advertising a program by internet marketer Russell Brunson.  When I clicked through to the website and saw the video on the page, my eyes just about popped out of my head.  I thought, “this guy’s gotta be Mormon.”  Here’s the video.  As you watch, note the evidences…

  • He looks like he’s 22
  • …And he’s married
  • …with 4 kids
  • …in pictures in a field in the background
  • He’s got some sort of tender quote on a colored board displayed in his office
  • He’s from Boise
  • He’s wearing a collared shirt buttoned up to the second button, with an undershirt underneath
  • He just has that “glow”

My Mo Rating: 96.3%.

How about you?  Enter your percentage in the comments below.

EDIT: We have found a definitive answer regarding Russell Brunson’s Mormon-ness (thank you, Eric, for your tireless research).  To play, just enter your rating in the comments section BEFORE checking your answer.  Then check your answer by clicking here.

ABOUT MO OR NO?: I play Mo or No? all the time with my husband and a couple of friends.  Whenever we pass a candidate in the street or at the store, we give each other a percentage based on a cursory glance–and then search for additional evidences (such as capped sleeves, long shorts, CTR rings, extra undershirts, etc.) to verify our hunch.  I will have you know, I am incredibly good at this game.  (My friend April’s pretty damn good, too.)