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Salvation Mindmap #1

One of my favorite tools is a program called Flying Logic.  I use it in my business all the time.  It allows me to see cause-and-effect relationships clearly so I can effectively plan and analyze what I’m doing.

After a few conversations I’ve had with friends recently, I decided to create a logic diagram expressing the popular LDS view of salvation.

Now, obviously, this is an intricate doctrine and is much more nuanced than I put on this tree.  But I want to see if I got the basics correct, in your estimation.

Did I adequately express what you believe about salvation?  What do I have right?  What do I have wrong?

Please take a look, then let me know what you think in the comments section.

Again, I am not proposing that this is the final word on what we believe, nor am I saying it accurately describes the truth of this doctrine.

Instead, it’s my first stab at what I think the average LDS believes. I am trying to succinctly and correctly articulate what is a common (perhaps even the MOST common) prevailing belief among LDS regarding our views on salvation.

So I am more than open to correction of all kinds here.  That’s why I put it up.

So please click the link below to download and examine the PDF.

Salvation Mindmap