Mo or No?: Shanna

I swear, The Biggest Loser has more Mormons than any other reality TV program in the universe (in fairness, I have no way to substantiate that claim because The Biggest Loser is the only reality TV show I watch).  This season, there is one confirmed Mormon contestant, Burgandy Keel (check out her Facebook fan page where she links to Mormon messages — a dead giveaway)…but last night I found myself wondering if there might be another: Shanna.

Evidences in favor…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Her voice.

Evidences against…

None. Did you hear her voice?

My Mo Rating: 110%.

How about you?  Enter your percentage in the comments below.  In the meantime, I (or perhaps our resident Googler, Eric) will search around the internet for the answer!

ABOUT MO OR NO?: I play Mo or No? all the time with my husband and a couple of friends.  Whenever we pass a candidate in the street or at the store, we give each other a percentage based on a cursory glance–and then search for additional evidences (such as capped sleeves, long shorts, CTR rings, extra undershirts, etc.) to verify our hunch.  Online, the game works the same.   Enjoy!

About Katie L

A doubter by nature, a believer by grace.

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  1. I’m going to give her a Mo rating of 15%.

    She’s a 38-year-old working mother of four boys. She’s been working the same job for 15 years, which means she was 23 when she started. I don’t know any Mormon women who would work through the early childhoods of all four of her children.

    However, I agree that she has a very Mormon-y voice, so I’ll give her a few points toward being Mo.

  2. I love playing Spo the Mo! (Spot the Mormon-is what we call it in my house.)

    I completely agree with your assessment of Shanna! I pegged her as Mo from the first episode completely based on her voice! My rating is 110% as well. 😉

  3. I had no luck finding out anything. I felt like a bit of a voyeur, searching through her Facebook friends’ bios and everything. The most I can say is that the towns where she was born and where she works now have some significant Mormon history to them.

    I’d say about 10 percent.

  4. She’s totally Mo, Eric. As you noted, she’s a math teacher from Pima, Arizona, and Pima was founded by Mormon settlers.

    I’d honestly be surprised to find out otherwise.

    I wish people would Google themselves more often, then they could stop by and confirm!

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