Confessions of a Licked Cupcake: The Fortune Cookie


I listened to Elna Baker’s interview on Mormon Expression podcast today and enjoyed it immensely.   Then I Googled her, and came across this:

Watch it now.  Thank me later.

Why the Licked Cupcake?

The licked cupcake is a somewhat widely-used chastity metaphor in Mormondom…wherein girls are compared to cupcakes, frosting is compared to virtue…and the moral of the story is that if someone’s licked your frosting, no one will want you.


This is dedicated to all the licked cupcakes out there who feel helpless and alone.  Remember, you’re never so far gone that Jesus can’t re-frost you–and this time, you’ll even have sprinkles and a cherry on top. ;)

This post is one in a series.  Get the rest of the series here.

About Katie L

A doubter by nature, a believer by grace.

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  1. That was AWESOME, Katie. Loved it. Now I’ve gotta go listen to her podcast.

  2. haha! Hilarious!

  3. Yeah, it’s a good one. Glad you guys liked it. 🙂

  4. P.S. What do you guys like better? The cupcake crossed out, or the sexy cupcake lickage for my confessions of a licked cupcake “logo”?

  5. I think I vote for the actual cupcake-licking photo. Sexy tongue action.

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