Mo or No?: The Hildebrandts

Today's Contestant: the Hildebrandts

Today's Contestant: the Hildebrandts

My dad sent me a link to this article today with just one question attached:

“Say, do you think these guys are Mos?”

Evidences in favor:

  • ** They pay 10% tithing to their church **
  • They homeschool their kids
  • The mom kind of has that “Mo Mom” look

Evidences against:

  • The mom’s name is Kandy.  Not s’much a Mo name.
  • The kids are adorable, but aren’t dressed like they walked out of a Gap ad (of course, this IS a story about getting out of debt, so…)
  • There are only 3 kids
  • They live in Wisconsin

My Mo Rating: 57.3%.

What about you?  Enter your percentage in the comments below.

ABOUT MO OR NO?: I play Mo or No? all the time with my husband and a couple of friends.  Whenever we pass a candidate in the street or at the store, we give each other a percentage based on a cursory glance–and then search for additional evidences (such as capped sleeves, long shorts, CTR rings, extra undershirts, etc.) to verify our hunch.  Online, the game works the same.   Enjoy!


About Katie L

A doubter by nature, a believer by grace.

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  1. Don’t forget that:

    ~ They home-school their children
    ~ She’s a stay-at-home mom
    ~ They were against filing for bankruptcy and determined to pay off the debts

    Their determination to keep paying 10% tithing is really the kicker though. While there are some Protestant and fundamentalist churches which encourage a 10% tithing, few are as adamant about encouraging people to stick to it even in hard times as the LDS church is.

    I say, 80% chance that they’re Mo.

  2. Also, I think the mother looks like Sarah Palin, only not as hot. Sarah Palin is not Mormon, but many people thought she was.

  3. I am going to go out on a limb with 35% Mo. If they are in fact of the One True Church, I vote that they’re converts.

    My reasons are as follows:

    Thrift stores or no, those twins simply do not have “the hair.” Maybe I was too close to Utah throughout my adolescence, but “the hair” was inescapable.

    I also feel like there would have been more mention of “community support” as part of their strategy if they were LDS. I feel like the church is usually pretty good about swooping in to help people….I guess it’s probably different when it’s a debt situation, but surely there would have been casserole or canning parties involved.

    Mostly, they just remind me more of the Duggars than anyone else.

  4. I’d say 19 percent.

    There are number of evangelical/fundamentalist-type of financial gurus on the church speaking circuit who emphasize tithing just as much as Mormons do, if not more,, so the tithing thing doesn’t persuade me.

    And I tend to think that if they were LDS, the article may have said that tithing was required by their religion rather than that they were committed to it.

    And like Whitney, I am reminded of the Duggar types, but I can’t give you a good reason why. The Duggars are followers of Bill Gothard (who teaches a particularly legalistic form of conservative Protestantism), and people within that type of fundamentalism are even more hard-core about tithing than the Mormons are.

    Also, people in that type of fundamentalism are extremely likely to home-school kids, and even more likely than Mormons to have stay-at-home moms.

    I also tend to think that if they were LDS, the story might have hinted about them getting some financial help from the church, or it might have mentioned something about food storage.

    Add to all that the fact they’re from Wisconsin, and for me it adds up to them being some sort of fundamentalist Protestants rather than Mormons.

  5. 10%

    I really agree with all of Eric’s observations. I would add that it’s not only fundamental Protestant churches that emphasize tithing. Tithing at least 10% is emphasized in many non-denominational, evangelical churches.

    Also, non-denominational, evangelicals are big on homeschooling. Homeschooling was recently promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention I believe – which (for those who may not be aware) is not a fundamentalist brand of Protestantism despite the word “Baptist.” 🙂

    Those types of evangelical moms are also likely to be stay-at-homes.

    I’m guessing they are just your average, run-of-the-mill evangelical family.

    How do we find out the answer, Katie? Maybe I will try googling a bit… I’m very curious! and I like this game! 🙂

  6. Whitney, the hair thing made me doubt their One True Churchness, too.

    I have to say, between Eric’s, Whitney’s, and Jessica’s stellar arguments, my percentage is steadily declining.

  7. P.S. What is the difference between very conservative and fundamentalist? Is there a set line somewhere, or is it kind of a spectrum…and at some point you just look around and realize you’ve crossed over into fundie territory?

    (With Mormonism it’s relatively easy: do you have more than one wife or not? LOL.)

  8. Ah. Perhaps I’m not as familiar with the tithing landscape across Protestantism as I thought I was. Only the Assemblies of God church I attended ever threw real emphasis into a 10% tithe.

  9. Katie ~ There is no set line. It can be difficult to differentiate between one and the other, and some evangelicals get really offended if accused of being “fundamentalists.” Some fundamentalists get really offended at being labeled “fundamentalists.”

    I’m taking a class on the history of the two movements/tradition now and we’ve had a lot of discussion on this.

  10. That sounds like a really fascinating class, Jack! I’m jealous!! 🙂 BTW, I would add that some fundamentalists would be offended if they were labeled evangelicals. 🙂

  11. Sooo…do some fundamentalists actually embrace title? Because it seems kind of derogatory to me.

  12. Todd Wood gets pretty loud and proud about it.

  13. The lack of Utah/California hair is only evidence they aren’t from Utah/California.

  14. Actually PC, I distinctly remember being asked this in my baptismal interview:

    “Will you accept The Bump-It and covenant to wear it whenever you go out in public–even to the grocery store for a late-night cookie dough run–as long as you live upon this earth?”

    To which I solemnly answered, “Yes, I will. I WILL!”

  15. “give yourself a little tease”.

  16. Tierra. Totally your look, Katie.

  17. Wow. I have never, ever seen that infomercial before. I think I’m in a state of shock.

    I thought that look was the result of a bottle of industrial strength hairspray.

  18. It was. Until the Bump-It arrived to rock your world.

  19. There’s a woman in my ward who is COMPLETELY AWESOME–funny, down-to-earth, smart, wonderful–and she totally has The Hair. I’ve often wondered if she uses the Bump-It. I’ve also often wondered if her awesomeness is directly related to her usage of The Bump-It. Sometimes things like that have special powers.

    Stephanie, while we’re on the topic of late-night infomercials, might I direct your attention to this?

    I have actually been know to TiVo this infomercial…and watch it when I’ve felt a little down in the mouth. Once in a while, I even pretend I’m Hazel and do a little impersonation as a party trick.

    I know it’s nerdy.

    I don’t care.

  20. It’s an odd thing that non-fundamentalists usually use the term in a derogatory fashion while the actual fundamentalists wear it proudly.

    I don’t own a Bump-It. What I want to know is, where can I get a Lady Gaga Pokerface hair bow?

  21. So, Katie, are we ever going to find out the truth about the Hildebrandts? I couldn’t find a definitive answer on this, but surely someone is a better googler than me.

  22. I don’t know! Jack found their contact info in the phone book, but we thought it might be awkward to, like, ask. 😉

  23. My curiosity is trumping any concern of awkwardness. If you or Jack will email me their phone number I will get to the bottom of this! 🙂

  24. Jessica,

    How do plan to start that conversation?

    “Hi. There is a blog post on the Internet about your family and whether or not you have “The Hair” and the state of your children’s clothing as it applies to whether or not you are LDS. So, are you?”

    Talk about UNCOMFORTABLE!


  25. haha, very funny. 🙂 I think I will ask for Kandy and I will say there is a discussion on the internet about whether or not she is as hot as Sarah Palin. And that some have recommended a device called the Bump-it to help her children’s hair issues. I will add that, incidentally, some Mormons are known for selling junk on the internet and I was wondering if she thought Mormons might be behind the company selling the Bump-its. That should be a savvy lead-in to my question about her own personal religious views.

  26. Jessica, BRILLIANT! LOL.

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