Mo or No?: Russell Brunson

It’s with tremendous joy that I bring you my first ever Mo or No? post.  I’ve had this idea for months, but until yesterday, had not found a viable candidate!

Here’s how it works: I stumble across someone in the media, online, or in pop culture who strikes me as particularly Mormon.  I post a picture and some information.  Then we all get to give a percentage of just how Mo we think s/he is!  Sound like fun?  You betcha!

russellbrunsonToday’s Contestant:
Russell Brunson

I received a solicitation from sales guru Brian Tracy in my inbox the other day advertising a program by internet marketer Russell Brunson.  When I clicked through to the website and saw the video on the page, my eyes just about popped out of my head.  I thought, “this guy’s gotta be Mormon.”  Here’s the video.  As you watch, note the evidences…

  • He looks like he’s 22
  • …And he’s married
  • …with 4 kids
  • …in pictures in a field in the background
  • He’s got some sort of tender quote on a colored board displayed in his office
  • He’s from Boise
  • He’s wearing a collared shirt buttoned up to the second button, with an undershirt underneath
  • He just has that “glow”

My Mo Rating: 96.3%.

How about you?  Enter your percentage in the comments below.

EDIT: We have found a definitive answer regarding Russell Brunson’s Mormon-ness (thank you, Eric, for your tireless research).  To play, just enter your rating in the comments section BEFORE checking your answer.  Then check your answer by clicking here.

ABOUT MO OR NO?: I play Mo or No? all the time with my husband and a couple of friends.  Whenever we pass a candidate in the street or at the store, we give each other a percentage based on a cursory glance–and then search for additional evidences (such as capped sleeves, long shorts, CTR rings, extra undershirts, etc.) to verify our hunch.  I will have you know, I am incredibly good at this game.  (My friend April’s pretty damn good, too.)

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A doubter by nature, a believer by grace.

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  1. Wow. Two things:

    He says “Boise” as if it’s “Boize.” Classic mispronounciation by non-Idahoans, but the rest of his accent is legit, so the odds of Utah origin are high!

    Also, did he seriously spend 30 seconds talking about how they had to order a box of what are obviously iPod shuffles from Hong Kong? LIAR!

    Anyway, the fact that this guy is in sales plus the mural of children in the back seal the deal for me, so I’m gonna give our friend 100% Mo.

    I like this game.

  2. I would also go 100% that this guy is LDS.

  3. We play this game too! Now that we’re in AZ it’s a fun diversion from setting up house. I’m going with Mo for this guy.

  4. I’ll go with 95% Mo.

    I play this game all the time–I just didn’t know it had a name! I always see people and try to figure out Mo or No. 😀 It happens a lot with my coworkers–I’ll be on a new team, and one of the folks will strike me as particularly LDS-ish, and I look for extra clues (the eternal smile G is a dead giveaway). I call it my Mormon radar.

  5. My favorite game is to spot whether or not someone is Mormon just by their name.

    People with dumb prefixes on their names are either Mormon or black.

    What’s in a (Utah) name?

  6. I’ll go with 95% Mo…I look for extra clues (the eternal smile G is a dead giveaway). I

    Most young LDS men don’t wear those kind of G’s anymore. They wear the ones that look like regular t-shirts. If you look closely at this guy he’s wearing one under his shirt. Also, his sales pitch sounds just like that of a recently returned missionary. There is no way this guy is not LDS, IMHO 🙂


    If you want to find out rather than guess, here’s an article that purports to be his biography. It gives some compelling clues:

  8. Ha. Compelling indeed.

    I demand another round!

  9. Katie — If it bothers you that I posted a link to the “answer,” I won’t be offended if you delete my post. I have no desire to take away anyone’s fun!

  10. No problem posting the answer. I actually spent a couple of minutes searching to see if I could prove it one way or the other but came up empty handed. I’ll just add an edit to the post that tells people to guess in the comments BEFORE checking the answer if they want to play.

  11. And his wife is named Collete. I’m sure her parents meant Colette, Collette or Colletta. I don’t understand why Mormons are so fond of misspelling perfectly good names. (My husband confirms that “Collete” would be a French name with a very redneck spelling; slight chance it could be a foreign ending imported from another European country.)

    My sister-in-law, who’s from a town near Payson, named one of her daughters Rosealine (pronounced rose-uh-line). Not Rosaline… Rosealine. She said it was because she wanted to emphasize that it was rose-uh-line and not rahs-uh-linn, but every time I see it I want to say “Rosie-uh-line.”

  12. I LOVE where he says he got his sales training.

  13. I’ve got to say the MLM scheme is a bit of a give away too.

  14. Yeah Tim, what’s up with Mormons and MLM schemes? I was thinking of devoting an entire post to that, because it seems that the squirreliest, scariest, most cutthroat, ruthless business people I have ever met in my life have all been Mormons.

    Granted, I’ve lived in Utah for a large portion of my life so that’s affecting my sampe–and there have been TONS of wonderful Mormons I’ve worked with…but I dunno. I do business with people all over the world, and the nastiest I’ve ever encountered have all been LDS.

  15. I should add, I don’t mean to say that Russell Brunson is a nasty businessman. He seems very genuine and I certainly don’t begrudge others their success. I’m happy to see he’s done so well for himself and his family.

    I should also add, from what I’ve seen from his program (which is just that video), I don’t think his it’s an MLM opportunity. It appears to be just your basic internet marketing course.

    I don’t know why I’m feeling it necessary to add all kinds of disclaimers tonight, but there you have it. 🙂

  16. He must be a Mormon, his micro-continuity websites are inspired! I am just banked by first cool million with his hard-hitting program.

  17. How about the Chelsea in the video near the bottom of the page?

    To that one, I don’t know the answer (only an educated guess). But I did find out that a guy she works with who has the same last name (and who might be her husband) is a fan of Glenn Beck. It’s amazing what you can find out about people sometimes with a few Internet searches.

  18. roflcopters,

    “the best sales training in the world” — I always get sideways looks and reprimands when I refer to my mission or anyone else’s as “selling the gospel.” Myabe you’ve gotta be >75% Mo to pull it off?

    Those of us languishing around over here by the 33% marker just can’t pull it off with the bright shining smile of anti-depressant-esque glow that these Wo-Mo’s have.

    My guess was 96.7% at first glance. I thought “Mo, for sure… unless it’s a skinhead.”

  19. How about the Chelsea in the video near the bottom of the page?

    My gut reaction would have rated her somewhere around 64.6%. She could be Mo, or she could just be really preppy. Knowing that she likes Glenn Beck and associates with known Mos moves the marker up somewhat…maybe to a 71.2%.

    “Those of us languishing around over here by the 33% marker…”


  20. BTW Jack, yes, Mos DO have a problem naming their kids normal things sometimes.

  21. As someone his age told one of my sons recently, “you’re the first person I’ve met with that name who isn’t black.” (And I wasn’t even a member of the Church when we named him.)

  22. I’m going to have to go with 98%. In addition to everything you just listed…
    1) LDS haircut. No facial hair.
    2) Froufy tie.
    3) He’s SELLING Sh*t.
    4) His name is Russell Brunson! How generic can you get?

    PS. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 I’m getting better.

  23. April, I can’t help but wonder. When you say he’s selling shit, do you mean that the quality of the product seems shitty, or is it more in the generic sense of the word; “i.e. this shit is funny”?

    Oh, and Eric, I’m kind of dying to know what your son’s name is now.

  24. Katie L — I purposely don’t write much about my kids on blogs (or elsewhere, for that matter), and never by name. But send me an e-mail and I’ll let you know. It’s not really that strange of a name, so I was surprised recently to hear about the comment.

  25. He seems very genuine and I certainly don’t begrudge others their success.

    Mormons always seem very genuine, whether or not they are. It’s part of the package.

  26. In a lower portion of his website he says that his success is tied to yours. . . translation: Multi-Level Marketing.

  27. I’ll go with 99%. He has the Brigham Young jawline. Can I run his genealogy or would that be cheating? I will now look at Eric’s link to see the correct answer. 🙂

  28. Katie: just the fact that he’s selling… it’s like the RM gimmick. Also, that bio I just read–married after 9 1/2 months of dating? A family to support? Provo kid? …yeah…100%.

  29. Katie ~ Paul wants to name a boy Azrael if we ever have a boy. I keep telling him not a chance in hell.

    Then again, I do like a few unusual ones for boys, though most of those are old-and-not-used-much-anymore unusual, not weird unusual.

    But Paul and his identical twin brother are 4/4 on having girls, so I still think we’re stuck with girls.

    BTW, since when was Blake a girl’s name? (Actress Blake Lively, for example). That’s a new one to me. Us girls-taking-on-boys-names are really emasculating the male naming pool.

    Eric ~ Now I’m very curious as to what you named your son. Did you come up with the name, or did your wife rub off on you?

  30. Definatlely 100@

  31. Russell’s a great guy and I’m not saying whether he’s LDS, but I do know that he went to a school with a Y in it’s name before they cancelled their wrestling program and he transferred to Boise State…

  32. Pretty pathetic people up in here….was doing a search on the guy to see if i wanted to join his biz….wow u people actually waste your time here dissing on people’s race and religion just because this guy looks “clean.” ??? Your mama ever taught you about a book and it’s cover? Truly shallow, truly low, ignorant, rude,…Do you do the same game with the ca-tho game or mus-lo game, or hin-do game? get a life people and get out of your square go out and visit other countries, cities, there’s all kind of MORmons/ LDS people in the world from every walk of life, just as there are with Catholics, and other denoms…Clueless damsels

  33. 1) I’d forgotten how many comments there were on this thread! (Not a lot in real blog land, but it Katie blog land, it’s a power post!)

    2) Eva, I have never before been called a clueless damsel, but I kind of like it. It’s sophisticated, yet insulting. Well done. 🙂

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