Most Beautifulest Worship Song in the History of the Universe

I believe this beautiful number speaks for itself.

A special shout out to my bro-in-law Todd for posting it on my Facebook wall.  Thank you, Todd.  It was the best thing to happen to me since…well, ever.  😉

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A doubter by nature, a believer by grace.

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  1. Yeah, I saw this video a while ago. In fairness to these geeks, part of the dorkiness of this video is due to the fact that this was the early 1980s. I mean, come on, how many things came out of 1983 which can still be considered cool today?

    But the rest of it is them.

    Us Christians are a lot cooler these days though. Hell yeah we are.

  2. Were either of you alive in 1983?

    The transcendent question from that time has got to be, “What on earth were we thinking?”

    That’s some fine vocal work that YouTube link, Jack. I have no idea how to respond to that… thing… from 1983, except to ask my question. 🙂

  3. Yeah, Katie was born in December 1981, I was born in January 1982. (Did I get your birthday right, Katie?)

    Jennifer Knapp is one of my favorite Christian artists. Pity that she got tired of it all and left the Christian music scene a few years ago. Her Diamond in the Rough compilation album is definitely worth owning though.

  4. September ’81. Close. 🙂

  5. Ooh–you guys are OLLLLLLD.

    I’m March ’82.

    Whitney’s the youngest wife though. Dang her.

  6. One word:


  7. If you clap after a special musical number you go to hell.

  8. wow. just wow.

    best part is when he talks about jesus touching him down deep inside.

    … i’m evil.

  9. A most sincere, humble family performance:

    You might like it. It does have all the polish of other renditions of this Hymn, but is still amazing.

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