And We Wonder Why They're Scared of Us…

So…the following showed up on Utah State Representative Craig Frank’s blog regarding Utah Governor Huntsman’s appointment as US Ambassador to China (and was subsequently picked up by Politico):

This is a big deal for the Governor, Utah, the United States, and…the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

Although the LDS church’s missionary program has an ecclesiastical presence throughout many parts of the world, the countries with the largest population bases (China and India) are not currently open to the church’s missionary efforts. Huntsman served his LDS mission as a 19 year old young man in the Taiwan Taipei Mission in the early 1980’s. He has since been back to the Far East on a number of occasions. Huntsman not only takes to China his political acumen but also a lifetime of membership in the LDS church. This should bode well for the LDS church’s mission to spread the gospel throughout the world, since all members of the LDS faith are under divine mandate to…”Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” (Matt 28:19)

Huntsman’s ambassadorship not only puts him in an excellent position to address US-China relations, it puts him in an even better position to teach the gospel…in Mandarin.

Good grief.  Just because Utah’s political structure is as good as a theocracy does NOT mean people think mixing religion with politics is a great idea in the rest of the world.

No wonder people worry about a Mormon in the White House.

But don’t worry; in a subsequent post titled “I Guess I Was Wrong…Huntsman Won’t Help Spread the Gospel,” Representative Frank makes this ambiguous comment:

Unless, in fact, the Prophet of God has granted a special dispensation to Brother Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., he is under the same obligation as any member of the Church to share the gospel “throughout the world.”

Oh, well, in that case.  Glad we cleared that up.


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  1. Huntsman, I’m sure, will studiously follow Chinese law regarding proselyting (as is consistent with the Church’s sense of obeying the law), or the Chinese will, I’m sure, be pleased to revoke his credentials.

  2. I have lived in China for four years now and from many things I have read, Mormons here are definitely counseled NOT to proselytize in any way, and because Mormons are very law-abiding I am sure they will not. (Just as my family was warned not to do so when we lived in the Middle East in the 90s.) However, I have noticed that although there are no missionaries in China, there are MANY Mormon English teachers here. I think they are here first and foremost to do exactly that – teach English, but also as a sort of “good example” to the Chinese people and government. I understand that the LDS church and the Chinese government have a friendly relationship. I kind of think that having teachers here is somehow laying the groundwork towards bringing in missionaries when and IF! they are ever allowed to do so. But I could also be completely wrong as these are just my observations!

  3. Hey globalgal! Welcome! 🙂

    I think you’re right, the majority of Mos would honor the law and keep their dern religion to themselves. But Craig Frank’s blog didn’t make us look any better…

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